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Dear Purdue Alumni and Friends,

The people, history, art, architecture, food, wine and culture come to life on our comprehensive and meticulously researched and planned programs. Each trip is designed to delight the mind and the senses as you discover the must-see icons and experience behind-the-scenes connections not available to the individual traveler. It's as if you are visiting a local family who is intent on providing you with the very best experiences their destination offers.

Local experts and knowledgeable guides will bring the destination to life. A highly experienced Travel Director will attend to every detail. And, best of all, you will travel in a small group amid the camaraderie of other curious travelers.

Our expertly planned itineraries balance the benefits of group travel, allowing you to fully experience the destination on included excursions, with leisure time to pursue your interests. Many of our programs include Personalize Your Journey opportunities that allow you to customize your experience with included excursions, plus a selection of elective activities and extensions that allow you to follow your passions.

For over 60 years, AHI Travel has been a leader in the creation and operation of exclusive and unique travel programs specifically designed for our sophisticated affinity travelers from world-class educational institutions. Our travel programs reflect the high educational and cultural standards of our sponsoring organizations.

I invite you to travel with us and discover the world and all its wonders - often times in ways not open to the individual traveler. With our many inclusions, you will not find a better travel value. Join us on one of our journeys and discover for yourself the special care and exceptional service that are the hallmark of our travel programs. Don't miss this chance to write a new chapter in the great book of life!


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Trevor Foley (MS EDU'17)
Senior Director, International Engagement & Alumni Travel
Purdue for Life Foundation

Our Mission

Your Purdue education doesn’t end at graduation. The Purdue Alumni Association travel program operates on the premise that education is lifelong, and travel is a natural part of your journey. 

We promise a variety trips operated by companies we partner with that provide the highest quality, professionally run tours.

Travel shapes our minds, expands our knowledge, and enhances our understanding of different cultures. Join us!

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